CBD for Athletes: Can Cannabidiol Improve Athletic Performance?

CBD and Sports: Can Cannabidiol Improve Athletic Performance? For most athletes and sports lovers, the search for performance-enhancing supplements to incorporate into your regimen is never-ending and frequently difficult. Because supplements and drugs used by sports – particularly professional athletes – must comply with anti-doping rules, be safe yet effective, and preferably natural these days, … Read more

Can CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

Many people who use CBD credit it for everything good that has ever occurred to them. According to anecdotal evidence, CBD makes you beautiful and wealthy, and converts your bodily fluids into pure gold. When people are enthused about something’s potential, they have a propensity to overhype it, and this is common with CBD. CBD … Read more

Can CBD Help Fight Serious Sleep Disorders.

It’s not unexpected that people are turning to CBD for sleep. That’s because, after decades of hearing advice on how to sleep properly, adjusting diets to enhance sleep, and utilizing cutting-edge technology to help people track their sleep, individuals still struggle to fall asleep when the lights go off. What is the scope of the … Read more

Can CBD Help Prevent The Flu

A variety of studies have been conducted on immunity, the flu, and how the body responds to infection. This research also looked into how CBD and other cannabinoids might influence that reaction. Could CBD help individuals feel better naturally and potentially not feel as bad when they are sick? CBD can Suppress the Production of … Read more

CBD may be Associated with Lower Alcohol Consumption

Historically speaking, cannabis has been portrayed as something dangerous. Films such as ‘Reefer Madness’ on top of other forms of propaganda spread throughout the world. Consumers of any cannabis substance were viewed in ways that weren’t based in fact in an attempt to convince society that the ‘harms’ of cannabis were significant as well as … Read more

How CBD Affects Sleep

We have heard that CBD can help to treat Inflammation as well as anxiety, however, how does CBD affect our sleep? All cannabinoids interact with specific receptors in our endocannabinoid system, and in doing so, they may influence our circadian rhythm. Our brain’s master circadian clock is primarily responsible for synchronizing our circadian rhythms, regulating … Read more

CBD for arthritis: What the research shows

Cannabidiol or CBD for short has become a very popular cannabinoid in the recent years since the farm bill was passed. CBD is also widely appreciated for its large list of therapeutic effects that could benefit our mental & physical wellness. Arthritis is a very common condition that affects many people in a wide age … Read more