How Chiropractors Feel About CBD, Exclusive Interviews With Dr. Robert Malhoit & Dr. J. Randal Timko

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As I am sure most of you are aware of, the popularity of CBD oil supplements have basically gone viral over the last two years, except unlike a viral video this supplement will definitely be around longer than 15 minutes.  In Fact this year CBD debuted on the 22nd Chiropractic Economics Salary & Expense Survey, … Read more

This is how CBD may help you with Pain Relief.

Pain seems to affect more Americans than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined, according to a survey published in the Journal of Pain by Elsevier, about one-third of people who report pain experience their pain as disabling, severely impacting their daily lives. For those living with chronic or acute pain, finding a safe, effective method … Read more

CBD may help woman with breast cancer.

CBD is everywhere, in our lattes, moisturizers, and candies, but what about its use in a medical setting instead of your local café or beauty store? Although more study is needed, research suggests that CBD may have the potential to help relieve certain side effects of chemotherapy. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one … Read more

What You Should Discuss With Your Health Professional About CBD

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Heather Manus, a native New Mexican and Registered Nurse who specializes in all aspects of medical cannabis care. Heather often becomes bombarded in public with questions about cannabidiol (CBD), a suddenly ubiquitous compound found in cannabis. When at lunch Manus will often over-hear conversations about CBD, that someone has started giving CBD products to their … Read more

Mayo Clinic study reveals that toxic chemicals, not oil could be to blame for all these recent Vape Illnesses

According to a new study, Doctors who are researching the cause of the sudden respiratory illness which has killed at least 16 people in the U.S. since July say a mix of “toxic chemical fumes,” not oils as they previously expected, may be what’s making patients so sick,  Researchers from the Mayo Clinic examined lung … Read more

Can you use CBD for Arthritis Pain?

Many people with arthritis are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) to ease pain and manage other symptoms The Arthritis Foundation has released guidance to help them better understand this newer wellness substance and the possible risks associated with it. Little research has been done on CBD in humans — and none on people with arthritis, the … Read more