Can CBD Help Prevent The Flu

A variety of studies have been conducted on immunity, the flu, and how the body responds to infection. This research also looked into how CBD and other cannabinoids might influence that reaction. Could CBD help individuals feel better naturally and potentially not feel as bad when they are sick?

CBD can Suppress the Production of Cytokines in the Body

Cytokines are tumor necrosis factors that are produced by interleukin. These are the substances that make you sick when you have a virus. Cytokines cause bodily aches, nausea, headaches, and loss of appetite, among other unpleasant symptoms. In one study with mice, animals were either pretreated with CBD or not treated with cannabis at all.

Mice were given CBD before being exposed to the flu virus. Certain immunological responses were reduced by up to 87 percent. Cytokines were dramatically reduced in number. The mice did not feel as ill as their non-CBD-pretreated counterparts.

In this animal, CBD therapy appeared to reduce the response to viral infection. This allowed the mouse to carry on with his normal activities rather than becoming horribly ill with the flu virus.

This could have a significant impact on how we manage ourselves during the cold and flu seasons.

We can look at human models and evaluate how they compare in a randomized trial with a few larger studies. We could compare those who have been treated with CBD or other cannabinoids to those who have not.

Then examine how they react to colds or other diseases. In the future, CBD may be stored alongside probiotics in the medical cabinet. We could try to modulate our immune response to the diseases that afflict our community during the fall and winter seasons.

When these epidemics reach your neighborhood, you’ll likely experience 3-4 colds or flu symptoms per year. Managing your body’s response to infections is a critical component of remaining productive, healthy, and happy during cold and flu season.

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