Try Micro-Dosing with CBD

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We all feel the same; the coronavirus pandemic has us all stressed out. Even for people who are healthy, the virus has them feeling frustrated and confused. Stress can feel like a state of fight or flight, constantly staying in that have-to-do this have-to-do that state, causing us to make irrational decisions and potentially even … Read more

Can Hemp Oil Reduce Chronic Neuropathic Pain

Over the past few years many studies have suggested that cannabis is an effective treatment for neuropathic pain. Many advocates have also been saying this for years. However, a fairly new study from the University of New Mexico is one of the most conclusive to be done as of yet. It has found that whole-plant … Read more

Flying with CBD this Holiday Season?

Flying with CBD oil seems like a natural choice, given how this supplement relaxes and soothes our aches and pains. CBD is a wonderful addition to your daily supplements, and it’s only natural that you’ll want to take it with you on trips and vacations. Unfortunately, America’s airports and airplanes are not somewhere you want to … Read more

Vaping CBD 101

If you are, or ever have been a smoker, odds are you’ve heard of vaping. Aside from being touted as a “healthy” alternative to cigarette smoking and an effective delivery system for cannabinoids, many people aren’t always aware of its other uses. The truth is that people can vaporize all kinds of mixtures, including flavored … Read more

Hemp CBD Oil VS Marijuana CBD Oil

It’s never too late to learn about the healing powers of CBD. At 5 years old, Charlotte Figi suffered from roughly 300 grand mal seizures each week, for years.  Her father Matt started looking for alternatives to her unsuccessful traditional allopathic treatments, when he found a video online praising the benefits of CBD oil in … Read more

Are Chronic Pain Issues Holding You Back?

SHOP CBD PRODUCTS What is CBD? CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol (Can-a-bid-i-ol), the single most prominent naturally-occurring class of molecules called cannabinoids found in industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plants. CBD comprises up to 40% of the plant and is one of over 60+ compounds found in cannabis. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of the … Read more