CBD for Tinnitus: Can It Help?

You may have heard by now that CBD may help with varying conditions, such as insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety. There are those who recently have been claiming that CBD also helps with tinnitus.

Let’s look at some research we found to see if there is truth to these claims.

First, let’s talk about Tinnitus, what is it? Tinnitus is that horrible ringing people sometimes hear that doesn’t come from an external source. It is more common in older adults, however it can happen to anyone.

While tinnitus can vary greatly in severity, some just hear a dull ringing every now and then and others hear a constant buzzing, roaring, or ringing that can cause extreme distress.

Though Tinnitus can be severe it is considered to only be a symptom and not a condition in and of itself. Potential causes include:

  • age-related hearing loss
  • regular exposure to loud sounds
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • middle ear muscle spasms
  • having too much ear wax
  • middle or inner ear damage
  • head and neck injuries
  • ear or auditory nerve tumors

Tinnitus is usually treated by treating the underlying cause.

Your doctor may only recommend that you remove excess earwax or he may ask you to stop taking certain medications that might be causing your tinnitus. Unfortunately, it can be tough at times to pinpoint the cause for ringing in the ears. 

So far in the Research community, CBD for tinnitus is mixed.

A recent review done in 2020 concluded there’s not enough scientific evidence from either animal or human studies to confirm that cannabinoids can help relieve tinnitus.

However, another review from 2020 suggested that, because CBD has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects, it may help with hearing loss and tinnitus. But more research is needed, especially human trials since almost all studies so far have involved animal patients.

While CBD might not be a cure for tinnitus, it may help with side effects, such as anxiety-related insomnia.and stress.

According to the World Health Organization “CBD is generally safe for most people and is unlikely to cause side effects.”

While you’ll probably only ever experience mild side effects, it’s essential to talk with a doctor before trying CBD, especially if you’re already taking any medications for your tinnitus. CBD may interact with some medications.

There is still research needed to fully know if CBD can help with tinnitus, but if you want to try it, we recommend opting for an oil due to its higher bioavailability and ability to produce full-body effects. And even though research suggests that CBD has promising qualities, like alleviating pain and helping with anxiety, they haven’t proven that CBD can help with tinnitus. With that being said, CBD may help you deal with the side effects of tinnitus, such as sleep troubles as well as stress. Be sure to talk with your doctor before trying CBD.

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