CBD Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum Oil

A debate which comes up in the CBD market daily. In order to understand the difference, it is important to know what CBD is and where it comes from.  CBD is a compound known to aid in relaxation, pain relief, and reducing inflammation, which can be found in a number of cannabis plants.  Basically, cannabis is an umbrella term that includes both industrial hemp and marijuana plants. The key difference between hemp and marijuana is that industrial hemp contains practically zero THC.  In fact, in order to be classified as hemp, a cannabis plant must contain less than 0.3% THC by volume.  This is really important, because it’s actually the reason why hemp products are legal to buy, sell, and ship.  At Pure Science Lab, we extract CBD directly from all-natural industrial hemp plants, which allows us to sell and ship our CBD products to all 50 states.

In terms of how CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, there are a few different techniques that can be used.  The most popular used to be running harsh chemicals like butane (lighter fluid) or hexane over the raw plant material, but people quickly found out that this resulted in trace amounts of carcinogenic compounds (like formaldehyde) being left over in the end product.

While a bunch of manufacturers still use this method, at Pure Science Lab we use a supercritical CO2 extraction process, which is much cleaner and much healthier for our clients.

When extracting CBD for use in products such as tinctures, lotions, and edibles… we have the choice to extract all of the compounds found in hemp or isolate only the CBD.  When all of the compounds are extracted together, this is known as a full plant extraction and the resulting product is considered to be a full-spectrum product.  On the other hand, if only the CBD is extracted and then infused into a product, the resulting product would be made from isolate.  At Pure Science Lab, we produce only the best Full-Spectrum CBD products… however, here are the pros and cons of each concept.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is exactly what it sounds like, it is the isolated CBD cannabinoid from the industrial hemp plant. At room temperatures, isolate is a white powder. CBD isolate is pure CBD. It was initially believed that pure CBD was the “gold standard” of non-psychoactive therapy, but recently people are figuring out that this is hardly the case (more on that later).  It can be taken by itself or used to make other products. CBD isolate can be purchased on its own for dabbing or ingestion. Otherwise, it can be used to infuse lotions and edibles with the health benefits of CBD. This latter group of products is where most of the debate circles, between full spectrum CBD vs. CBD isolate.

Why Choose a CBD Isolate?

Although including all of the terpenes and cannabinoids found in industrial hemp may bring added health benefits, it also brings its own challenges. The primary setback is in the flavor department. When including all the extra compounds found in hemp, you sometimes end up getting the taste of hemp as well. Although many enjoy or don’t mind the flavor of full-spectrum products, for others it can be an issue. This is most noticeable in CBD tinctures which are generally held underneath the tongue for extended periods of time.

For those who are primarily interested in CBD and don’t mind avoiding the other compounds and flavors found in hemp, isolate based products offer more flavor options. It allows the creation of tinctures with little taste or added flavors.  Another benefit of isolate based products is that by focusing on CBD alone, there is a slight possibly to achieve higher concentrations of CBD. However, for those who want to preserve the natural balance of compounds found in hemp, this can be a major downside.

Why Choose Full-Spectrum CBD Products from Pure Science Lab?

At Pure Science lab, full-spectrum CBD products reign. We believe that all of the active plant compounds along with CBD found in industrial hemp play an important role in the health and physical well-being of the human body.  This includes other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBL, and CBCVA, as well as aromatic cannabis terpenes like pinene and limonene. The entourage effect drives our belief. All the compounds found in industrial hemp work synergistically to create an effect that could not be achieved by any one compound on its own.

Like we mentioned a moment ago, it used to be the belief that “pure CBD,” or CBD isolate packed the most potent punch in terms of cannabis therapy.  And that would make logical sense… however, if we know that CBD is primarily the active compound in the plant that provides medical relief and therapy, then wouldn’t it make sense to make a 100% pure powder out of it?

Well, not necessarily.

In 2015, researchers out of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology discovered what is now called the “entourage effect.”  This refers to the functioning of CBD along with other plant compounds, rather than just buy itself.

It is important to note that Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem is the Epicenter of CBD research.  It was here that Dr. Raphael Mechoulam first identified the chemical structure of the cannabinoid back in the 1960s.

Anyway, the research showed that CBD was much more effective when used along with other compounds found in the cannabis plant, than when used by itself, it’s now generally accepted that full-spectrum CBD is more effective at treating the majority of medical conditions, than CBD isolate.

And if you ask, you’ll find that the vast majority of our clients strongly agree.  In fact, for conditions like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, nearly every single CBD user will claim that full-spectrum CBD is by far the superior choice.  That being said, though, CBD isolate still has a relevant place in the cannabis market.  For instance, a lot of people use it to concoct their own personal daily CBD remedies.  However, for the large majority of users, a high quality full-spectrum CBD oil is a much better and more efficient option.  At Pure Science Lab, our concentrated full-spectrum CBD have delivered incredible results and have been observed to effectively treat everything from anxiety, to diabetes, to severe chronic pain.  And with our continued dedication to research, Pure Science Lab products are quite simply… quality.

All our product are 100% Organic. Explore a variety of Pure Science Lab products ranging from (premium flavored and unflavored), CBD tinctures, CBD pastes, CBD vape oils, and CBD capsules.