Good Vibes Chocolate, CBD Edibles | Reviews, & What To Expect

Hey Guys Welcome Back to another Pure Science Lab product unboxing. Today we are going to be talking about Goodvibes CBD Chocolates. A Gourmet Dark Chocolate Bar, Individual Dark Chocolate squares, and Dark Chocolate Peanut butter bites. We are going to be taking a look at these 3 products and showing you the packaging.

Now lets take a look at these products and show you exactly what you can expect.

First lets take a look at he chocolate bars, On the bottom of the front you can see it says 15mg of CBD for each Chocolate inside, and up at the top left corner it shows the must be 21 or older disclaimer.

If you turn it around to the back you will see the box can slide open quite easily.. Open it up,and push the end into the back of the box for a display like look, inside you will find the individual chocolate bars. The box contains 5 in total. 

Next we have the full Sized Gourmet CBD Dark Chocolate Bar, as you can see at the very top we see the must be 21 years of age disclaimer, then it shows that the bar has 28 squares in total. 

Now if you go to the bottom you will see it says the bars total mg count is 140 and right next to that it shows the mg per chocolate square.

Now if you turn it over you will see the nutritional facts as well as the ingredients. At the very top you can see a tamper evident label with a seal over it. We just have to be careful when breaking the seal. 

If you remove it from the box, you will see the pretty golden wrapping and if you open it you can see the delicious Dark chocolate inside. 

And finally we have the Peanut Butter Bites, first I want to say that there is a very nice bag that comes with a resealable top. Below that you can see the dark chocolate label and right under that is the mg count for the full bag which says 60mg. You can see the nutrional facts as well as the ingredients right on the front as well. If you flip it over you can see the bag comes with 4 peanut butter bites in it. If you do that math that means that each chocolate bite has 15mg of CBD in it. These Edibles look good and tastes Amazing too. 

And that’s it, you should be feeling the effects within the next 15 minutes and the results are more then just delicious. 

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