New Studies Reveal CBD’s Potential to Help Build Muscle?

CBD is everywhere these days, and in many forms. There are CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD capsules, isolates, topicals, pain creams, and even pet treats.

Not only is CBD being seen used in situations to help with anxiety or pain there also seems to be a lot of positive feedback around the health benefits when it comes to bodybuilding. For the gym rats trying to build lean muscle and get into shape are constantly on the lookout for new products that could help to boost their physical productivity and put more desired mass on their core.

In an industry filled with testosterone, protein shakes, and loads of supplements, it seems that there’s still room for one more, at least we think so.

More and more evidence has arisen to support the benefits that cbd can bring to bodybuilding. This ranges from improved sleep and muscle recovery to better weight management and sharpened focus. 

Should Bodybuilders start using CBD?

Those who decide to use CBD for bodybuilding report improvements in multiple areas of their life. An increasing number of gym heads want to try cannabidiol to see if it is actually worth its hype. Tons of supplements are backed by science, while others are utterly snake oil aimed at pulling as much money from the customer as possible.

If you’re looking to go beyond your limits, trying CBD for bodybuilding makes perfect sense considering the array of benefits that are related to this form of physical activity. Unlike its more psychedelic cousin, the intoxicating cannabinoid, CBD doesn’t produce a high, so you will not get stoned as you try to go through your next workout.

Unlike THC, which binds directly to the CB receptors in the brain, CBD signals the endocannabinoid system to improve performance as well as produce more of its natural cannabinoids (endocannabinoids). The ECS is the major regulatory network within our bodies and is responsible for maintaining our chemical balance between all critical functions, this includes pain perception, metabolism, immune response, sleep cycles, body temperature, appetite, and more.

If you’re thinking like a bodybuilder here, the most important benefits of CBD are higher energy levels due to improved sleep, this also means better recovery from workouts.

Not only does CBD help with sleep which will help with energy and recover, it can also reduce anxiety levels and has been known to ease inflammation. This would be particularly beneficial for professional bodybuilders, as they put much more of a  burden on their bodies than the average gym-goer.

Can CBD Actually Help You Build Muscle?

If you tell any fitness type that there’s a supplement that could help them to boost their muscle mass, most likely you’d see them running to try it. There are brands that are suggesting that CBD can help spur up the muscle-building process, although these are simply claims and have not been fully substantiated yet.

Most likely CBD could be involved in building muscles, however were certain it doesn’t do it directly. CBD could have a range of benefits that can make it simpler for you to build the lean muscle mass you’re looking for. Think about it this way, if you were able to complete more workouts due to a faster recovery time, you’d most likely gain a higher level of muscle mass.

There are no substances (legal or illegal) that can help you build muscle without exercising. You need that micro damage to your muscle fibers which is caused by lifting heavy weights and then renourishing them by intaking enough fuel and leaving enough time for recovery — new studies have revealed that supplements such as CBD concentrated oil may help boost that process.

Having said that, Cannabidiol does not replace anabolic products, even if it offers an alternative to anti-catabolic supplements. 

What are the Benefits of CBD in Working out?

1. CBD can help with weight control

Are you trying to lose weight but it seems impossible? 

According to an animal study published in the PLOS One Journal in 2008, researchers came to the conclusion that CBD can block a receptor in the brain so that ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormone, is unable to take effect.

On top of that another study published in the Nature Journal found a connection between taking CBD and an increased level of leptin in the brain. What is Leptin? Leptin is a hormone that makes us feel satiated(or full). As increased levels of leptin are associated with reduced cravings for unhealthy, sugar-rich foods. CBD can definitely help individuals to achieve their weight goals faster than they would without CBD.

2. Does CBD help build muscle?

According to a study published in the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, cannabidiols anti-catabolic components have been shown to enable proper regulation of hormone levels in the body.

CBD can also help to maintain the right cortisol levels(the stress hormone), allowing for more successful muscle growth and protein synthesis throughout a bodybuilding routine.

Properties such as these can also be used to slow the breakdown of muscle mass and can help people who are already athletes build more lean muscle.

In some cases, CBD has also improved stamina in some individuals. This would mean that these people are able to spend more time in the gym without their muscles getting tired and experience faster results from their hard work.

3. Can CBD help with Workout Recovery?

As we spoke about above, lifting weights can cause micro damage to our muscle fibers which is the first step in building mass. Those damaged muscles become inflamed, which in turn, results in pain as the body is trying to repair. The most frequent symptoms of this include soreness and stiffness throughout the damaged muscles and usually lasts 2 – 3 days depending on the extent of the workout that was done.

According to recent research, CBD might reduce soreness and swelling by reducing inflammation. We know that CBD can help reduce inflammation in the body by targeting the Endocannabinoid system which includes inflammation from muscle soreness. CBD has also been seen to help dampen the sensation of pain after a heavy workout.

4. CBD can help you sleep better.

However perfect your workout routine, supplementation plan, and diet are, they’ll never atone for the lack of quality rest. Sleep is just one of the most important things for any human on this planet to get enough of, especially for those who live a very active lifestyle.

Sleep can affect almost every procedure in the body, from the release of growth and stress hormones to the immune response, appetite, breathing, blood pressure, and attention levels. Sleep is just so important for living a healthy balanced life.

According to a study published in Pharmaceuticals magazine in 2012, 160 milligrams of CBD proved to be as effective as a sleep aid called nitrazepam — increasing the participant’s sleep duration a significant amount.

Many researchers have agreed that moderate to high doses of cannabidiol might have therapeutic potential for the treatment of sleep disorders, including insomnia.

5. Reduce your stress with CBD

When it comes to reducing one’s stress levels, exercising is generally the recommended route. Frequent, light workouts have proven to have psychological benefits that can help support physical health. Our stress reaction(fight or flight) is necessary for humans to survive, however nowadays, stress is not only caused by a rustling in the bushes, in today’s day and age stress has become our everyday companion with the presence of social media and the news.

Chronic stress can have a devastating impact on your health. Causing the body to release too much of our stress hormone(cortisol) as well as adrenaline, which leads to problems with concentration, anxiety, and irritability.

Cannabidiol has been purported to have strong anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. It uses similar pathways as conventional antidepressants, without the severe side effects.

CBD and Working out: A Final Word.

If you have made it this far you can clearly see the obvious positive link between CBD and working out. CBD products are starting to become more accessible across the United States making it easy to find them in shops and online.

If you have decided you want to try cbd with your next workout, there are a variety of options available in today’s market. This includes oil capsules, oil drops, edibles, topicals, and more. We always recommend starting with lower doses to see how your body responds to CBD — and adjust the dosage from there. Gradually increase the amount of CBD oil in your routine until you are satisfied with the effects(Start Low and Go Slow).

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