How Chiropractors Feel About CBD, Exclusive Interviews With Dr. Robert Malhoit & Dr. J. Randal Timko

October 11, 2019
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As I am sure most of you are aware of, the popularity of CBD oil supplements have basically gone viral over the last two years, except unlike a viral video this supplement will definitely be around longer than 15 minutes.  In Fact this year CBD debuted on the 22nd Chiropractic Economics Salary & Expense Survey, … Read more

New CBD regulations may just come sooner than we expected from the FDA

It seems as though the Food and Drug Administration is starting to listen. Over the past six months, the FDA … Read more

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What is CBD and How Is the UK Utilizing it?

CBD, which is the abbreviation of cannabidiol, is having its moment in the spotlight. This plant extract is currently being … Read more

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8 Ways to Beat Work Stress & Increase Productivity with CBD

Cannabidiol(CBD) is increasing in popularity, with this increase in popularity comes an increase of people choosing to utilize this natural … Read more

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Will Taking CBD Products Cause You To Fail a Drug Test.

Since CBD products are now in many stores across a good deal of states, many people are wondering, “Can Using … Read more

"I Can't Believe How Much CBD Has Helped With My Pain, Finally A Medicine That Really Helps Without Any Nasty Side Effects."



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