Try Micro-Dosing with CBD

We all feel the same; the coronavirus pandemic has us all stressed out. Even for people who are healthy, the virus has them feeling frustrated and confused. Stress can feel like a state of fight or flight, constantly staying in that have-to-do this have-to-do that state, causing us to make irrational decisions and potentially even harming our immune systems.


Well, why not take this opportunity to try something that might be new for you that could actually bring your anxiety under control? This is the perfect time to start learning about micro-dosing with CBD. Micro-dosing is described as taking small amounts of CBD, from 5 milligram to 10 milligrams, to help with a variety of ailments. Studies have found hope that CBD in small doses can help to ease pain, stress, anxiety, and calm the fears that seem to always be running through our minds. If you still are not sure if you should try micro-dosing, here are five reasons why micro-dosing can improve your mental health in stressful times.

1. Micro-dosing doesn’t get you “high”; it’s meant solely for mental health. One of the most common misconceptions about cannabis is that people only take it to get high, but that can’t be further from the truth. Many very successful CEOs and business owners have been micro-dosing CBD and even THC for years to treat ailments such as ADHD, or chronic pain. Everyone who has claimed to do this for years says that it has been more effective than any other pharmaceutical or supplement in the market—with virtually no dangerous side effects, there have been many studies to back this up as well. The trick with micro-dosing is to only take a small amount of CBD. In our experience, this is usually around 10-15 milligrams. By sticking to a small dose, you can gauge your threshold. This means you’re still able to focus and be productive while feeling the benefits of reduced anxiety and stress. As long as you take the right dose, CBD will instantly help you relax, let go of anxiety, and even help you to regain a sense of optimism.

2. The best setting to experiment with micro-dosing is at your house.
A lot of new CBD consumers worry about the potential anxiety that can arise with cannabis. These concerns are easily mitigated with a safe environment and proper dose. Since many of us are staying at home, now is the perfect time to experiment in a familiar environment. As a new user, you’ll be at ease in the comfort of your own home. You will be at home when first starting out, at least until you find the perfect dose for you.

3. Micro-dosing CBD has been known to help work performance.
Despite the stigma toward using cannabis at work, it actually helps improve focus, creativity, and workflow. With coronavirus headlines on full blast day in and out, now is when we need the most help to tune out of distractions and stay focused. While you’re working at home anyway, you might be surprised to find that micro-dosing CBD will actually help you stay on task.


4. Taking CBD is healthier than other alternatives.
In stressful times, we tend to look for unhealthy mediums to relax. These are the “vice industries.” From drinking alcohol to taking Xanax, smoking cigarettes, binge eating—these are all potentially extremely unhealthy coping mechanisms that lead to more stress. CBD micro-dosing is a much healthier alternative with less side-effects and more benefits. It won’t cure all your worries and stress, but it certainly helps without the potential damage to your overall health and well-being.

5. Most importantly, your stress will become minimal to non-exsistant.
When you consume CBD, even in small doses, you will feel lighter, happier and much less stressed. This usually leads to jokes, laughter and an overall improved sense of well-being.
Cannabis = wellness.

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