Will Taking CBD Products Cause You To Fail a Drug Test.

Since CBD products are now in many stores across a good deal of states, many people are wondering, “Can Using CBD Products get me in trouble?”

Unfortunately in some cases “Yes.” Accounts have surfaced since CBD products have become more mainstream about people losing their jobs or failing drug test screenings in the hiring process. The reason for this is not however the cause of CBD but rather that of poor labeling or misinformation about the product you’re buying. 

The results of a drug test will wholly depend on the type of cannabis product that you buy and use. Every CBD product is different, some of these so called THC free products actually do contain higher amounts of the cannabinoid then advertised. Unlike that of CBD, THC is the cannabinoid in Cannabis that gets people feeling that euphoric feeling or that high feeling. 

A few issues come up when many people buy their CBD products, one of which being that many consumers do not actually read the packaging before purchasing. Another big thing to watch out for when purchasing any CBD product is “Lab Results.” If the products that you happen upon while shopping for your wellness needs does not have lab tested results for it then steer clear of purchasing said product. If you end up buying a CBD product without really knowing what went into it you could end up with much higher THC levels then you desire. If you are going to use cannabidiol products, the best step to take is to thoroughly read the labels. Hemp Companies are fully required to completely list what is in their products, this includes the levels (if any) of THC, which is usually just a trace amount (far less than 1%). Actually anything over 0.3% THC is not federally legal.

However and unfortunately, you may just end up rolling the dice, this is due to companies not doing these tests accurately and posting results that are incorrect. When reading any lab results make sure they are done by a reputable company like PSI Labs or botanica. 

For entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, this is an increasingly important topic. Lawsuits are becoming more frequent, especially since many consumers might be unaware there is even a possibility of THC in the CBD products they buy. The answer to this might involve improvements made in government regulations which seems to be slowly but surely happening over time. Remember when you decide to buy any CBD product, read the labels, check for lab results and make sure it is ok to buy in your state with these State Laws.

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